3D DIY Family Casting Kit


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3D DIY Family Casting Kit


“Families are like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

Create a family heirloom with this amazing and easy to use casting kit! Enjoy doing it with your family and loved ones. Create a lasting, memorable and detailed 3D replica for you and your family’s hand sculpture. It’s quick, easy, and safe! Great fun for the family and enjoy how amazing and quick it is!

'A Recipe like No Other'

  • Create a beautiful sculpture to preserve your family bond forever
  • Captures great skin detail and even jewelry!
  • Step by step guide helps to make it a simple and enjoyable process
  • Non-toxic and skin-safe materials

Perfect for: Saving memory of your loved ones

Quick and Easy to Use: Takes 2 minutes to cast

What's in the kit?

  • Molding powder
  • Plaster/Clone Powder


  • Material: 100% Biodegradable powder
  • Color: White
  • Net of Molding Powder: According to variation
  • Net of Clone Powder: According to variation
  • Safety: Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, 100% Biodegradable.

Reproduce the hand/foot of your loved ones three dimensionally and with accurate details.


Preserve every precious detail, capture tiny toenails, fingernails, dimples & footprints, even if baby wiggles.

Planning & Preparation

The mold making process involves preparing the molding paste and placing the baby’s hand or foot into it and keep still for the paste to clot completely. Molding powders are also known as alginate; used by various industries such as for food emulsifier, and dental impression.

Preparing the molding paste is quite easy, combine the required portion of the molding powder and water. Mix the 2 together in a large Salad bowl quickly. This complete casting kit comes with all the steps and calculation to what to work it out precisely.

  • TIP 1: When making the mold for your baby/infant up to 6 months old, it is best done while they are asleep on your arm, so there is less movement for a longer period of time.
  • TIP 2: For the toddler, if you have one that tends to fiddle in this process, we find that bribing them with their favorite treats work best; tell them it is theirs if they can play still. You could also ask them to hold their small favorite treats like a couple of jelly beans.
  • TIP 3: Instead of using a plastic bag, use a clear plastic cup for baby hand, and take away container for the foot. First timers will find it much easier because of the rigid shape and help you focus on keeping your baby’s hand/foot centered and not touching the mold wall.



  • Prepare the molding paste
  • Create one hand or foot mold at a time, dip your baby’s hand or foot into the paste. Ensure hand/foot has full skin contact and not touching the wall of the mold.
  • Remove your baby’s hand/foot once the paste is completely hardened, gently wiggle hand/foot around to let air in, then gently pull out.

TIP 1: The timing is very important here in the whole process, the paste should be smooth and even, stir quickly with the ladle and work your way to the base of the mixing bowl.
TIP 2:
If you do spill some paste onto the carpet or your clothing, simply wait for it to dry and rub it off.
TIP 3:
Having another person to assist in the process is fun and easier.



  • After you have created a pair of molds, prepare the casting paste and pour into the mold and let it sit for a few hours.
  • Break the mold gently with your hand.
  • Inspect the casting immediately for any imperfections such as small bubbles, use toothpicks to push it off.

TIP 1: Pour slowly with a small amount of casting paste at a time into the mold cavity, tilt the mold side to side to allow the air bubble to escape from some tight areas.
TIP 2:
Patch small bubble holes with mixing some casting paste.



Let your casting sit in a well-ventilated place to dry.
Paint the casting with 2 thin coats of paint will help protect the surface and looks great too.

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